Our Visions and Values

We have long been recognised for the care and individual attention given to our children. Having just over 1000 pupils across the age range of 11 to 18, we are a medium sized school in comparison to some other secondary schools which gives us the advantage of knowing our children well and being able to help them become successful members of the wider community. Our children talk fondly of the teachers here and the quality of care that they receive. They have a real sense of pride in being associated with Bryn Elian because we all see ourselves as a family school.

Here at Ysgol Bryn Elian we have very high expectations of our pupils both in terms of their academic achievement and their behaviour. Bryn Elian is a successful learning community, committed to education.

Communication and partnership are vital to the success of our pupils and we will endeavour always to work closely with you for the good of your child. We believe that through partnership with you, your child and our staff, the students will be happy and successful while here at Bryn Elian.

Curriculum for Wales at Ysgol Bryn Elian

As part of our preparations for the Curriculum for Wales, we have been developing and defining the values we think are important to us, here at Ysgol Bryn Elian. In developing these values, we have had input form all stakeholders including: parents, learners, staff, governors and the local community. All of the feedback has been collated, with the following forming our way forward.

Mission Statement

At Ysgol Bryn Elian we endeavour to serve our community by ensuring all learners are supported in reaching their full potential to become full and contributing members of society, based on a fully inclusive experience, developing a love of learning and ensuring Achievement for All.

Vision and Values

  • Brave - We want our learners to be curious and take measured risks in a responsible and creative way, to explore and develop their learning.
  • Respect - We hope to model and teach learners what it means to be respectful and accepting of differences and diversity, and of their own rights and the rights of others.
  • YES! - We want learners to have a ‘can do’ attitude; to able to set goals and be proactive in their own learning.
  • Nurture - We want learners to understand the importance of the environment and to make better and more informed choices and decisions, taking into account the impact they may have on others.
  • Egwyddorol (Principled) - We want our learners to be aware of right and wrong and have the courage to enact these principles, with clear morals and responsibilities.
  • Llwyddiannus (Successful) - We want to develop a culture of high expectations where learners feel confident and able to aim high and seek out support to achieve their goals and dreams. We would like learners to have confidence in knowing that making mistakes is part of learning and to embrace a love of learning.
  • Iach (Healthy) - We want our learners to understand good mental, physical and sexual health with clear boundaries to build healthy, positive relationships.
  • Annibynnol (Independent) - We want to ensure learners are supported to make their own, informed decisions and to seek out ways to support themselves and their goals, where they challenge themselves and persevere in the face of difficulties.
  • Nerthol (Strong) - We want our learners to have the energy and strength to engage in, be comfortable with, resilient to, and adaptable to change, and to have an increased awareness of the outside world.

These values will be prominent around the school. We will refer to them regularly and encourage learners, through our teaching and everyday interactions, to embody these values.

Awards & Accolades