School Uniform


The School Uniform is available from Boppers Boutique in Colwyn Bay 01492 534 421 and School talk at Clifton House Newsagent in Llandudno 01492 876995.

Please ensure that your child's school uniform adheres to the school uniform code.

All pupils are expected to wear the school uniform correctly. By wearing the uniform a pupil is endorsing his or her pride in being a member of Ysgol Bryn Elian. The uniform has been set and agreed by the Governors. (See Welsh Assembly guidance "School Uniform").

“Designer” fashion wear is not acceptable; all items should be in plain colours without insignia or 'designer' labels.

Footwear must be safe for our many steps and banks, and for working in laboratories and technology workshops. Parents are particularly warned of the danger of pupils wearing high-heeled shoes on the site.

Denim, black jeans, or chinos are not acceptable for school wear. We do not consider ‘skinny fit' trousers or leggings to be appropriate.

Extreme hairstyles and colourings are not acceptable. Make up must be of a natural tone, long false nails are not allowed nor are showy hair ornaments.

It is essential that all clothing worn for P. E. is different from that worn during the rest of the day and is in line with the school's P.E kit requirements, as shown above.

The uniform should be worn throughout each school day, during journeys to and from school and for other formal school events as required. Pupils in Years 12 and 13 are expected to adhere to a form of uniform, which has been negotiated with them. The uniform should be worn properly at all times.

From time-to-time fashions among pupils emerge which are inappropriate with school uniform. We hope that pupils will draw attention to themselves through good work and behaviour rather than their conspicuous appearance.

In order to return lost property, it is advised that all uniform and personal items should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

If for some unavoidable reason a pupil is temporarily unable to wear an item of uniform a note must be brought from a parent or guardian, to carry during the day to explain the unorthodox clothing. We look for the support of parents in ensuring that pupils adhere to our uniform regulations.

Ysgol Bryn Elian Uniform Guide

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