Well-Being Ambassadors

We are delighted to announce that Ysgol Bryn Elian have been part of the Conwy Well-Being Ambassador Programme for the past 2 years.

We have been overwhelmed with the level of interest shown by learners from years 9+ who wished to sign up to the Programme in aid of supporting the Health and Well-Being of their peers.

As a result of signing up, they all received training by professional, local agencies on a variety of emotional and social issues that young people experience. On completing the training, we began an application process to identify the individuals that would become our Well-Being Ambassadors.

We are extremely proud of all the work our kind, enthusiastic and compassionate Ambassadors do in volunteering their time to raise awareness of Mental Health and Well-Being around the school. They have led assemblies to entire year groups, facilitated drop-in centres for learners two years younger than themselves and participated in workshops and further training throughout the year.

We are also very lucky of our in-house councillor- Claire Guest who contributes to the training of new Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors have contributed to the production of the soon to be released new Children’s Charter in Wales.

During the week of the 2nd of February, 2023, the Ambassadors will be raising awareness on the importance of speaking about mental health. This is being done to coincide with the ‘Time to Talk’ initiative.

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