The First FOBE Meeting

The first meeting of the newly formed Friends of Bryn Elian took place last week.

The meeting was well attended and it was great to see so much support for the school and our learners from parents, staff and other members of the local community.

Friends of Bryn Elian raise money to be spent on learners of the school, to enhance their learning experiences and provide extra resources and support in many different areas.

Recently, Friends of Bryn Elian contributed to providing headphones for the Science Department to use with their laptops so that learners can access online sound-based resources in lessons, without disturbing the others in the class and a low temperature pewter casting unit for the D.T. Department to enable learners to cast jewellery and then go on to decorate them using enamel paints.

If you wish to become a member or offer any of your services to the school or Friends of Bryn Elian, please get in contact by completing the form below.

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