Expressive Arts ‘Medieval Knight’

Over one hundred examples of Year 7 Medieval art, music and drama work was on display at the interactive exhibition ‘Medieval Knight’ which took place in studio one on Tuesday 18th June.

Pupils art work included examples of medieval objects in the style of Tim Pugh, castles and Conwy harbour in the pupil’s own interpretation of Rhiannon Roberts very colourful style. Music performances included pupils performing different medieval pieces of music and Tommy Murphy, Charlie Kapus, Joshua Bowler, Ethan Norris, James Jones and Lucas Davies even performed their own medieval compositions.

The two drama groups performed a version of the medieval morality play ‘Adam and Eve’ including some very comical moments.

Parents, pupils and other visitors wandered around the exhibition looking at the art work accompanied by the pupil’s music. Parents commented on ‘how impressed they were with the pupil’s work’ and how ‘they enjoyed seeing and hearing what pupils had been doing in their class lessons’. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed talking part in the event and you could see their confidence growing minute by minute as they performed.

Well done to all who took part.

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