Message from the Headteacher - 02/12/2021

Please find appended a letter from Dr Lowri Brown from the Local Authority clarifying the new changes to Covid guidelines following the discovery of the Omicron variant. The letter details how learners in a secondary school setting are now expected to wear their mask, at all times, when in the building including in the classroom. The reason for this change in policy by the Welsh Government is because learners cannot undertake social distancing when in the classroom. We are, therefore, asking for your support in this matter.

Learners who are exempt from mask wearing for medical reasons are still exempt. All learners at the school will be informed this morning at a whole school on-line assembly that this measure will take effect from FRIDAY morning, that is the 3rd of DECEMBER. We ask learners to continue to arrive at school with their masks, alternatively we will provide them with a mask before they enter the building.

Conwy Council changes to Covid guidance December 2021

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