The school is closing today, Friday 16th October for half term. This year the half term break is two weeks. These 2 weeks are immediately followed by 2 teacher training days and therefore learners will return to school on Wednesday 4th of November.

We hope our learners have a covid safe half term and remember social distancing rules and also remember to regularly wash or sanitise their hands.

Please report any positive test results that arise during the holiday period to the following number (01492) 574000 and provide details of the confirmed case and the school.


In order to support our entitled Free School Meal pupils we have decided to pay a lump sum allowance into parents/carers bank accounts that will cover the 2 week half-term period that your child/children won't be in school.

Payment will be made in arrears and is likely to be in your account on the 5/11/20.

The Free School Meal Allowance will be £3.90 per day for five days per week. This will only be payable for the 2 week half-term period.

If the bank details you provided us with haven't changed since the last direct payment was made, 20/8/20, then you are not required to provide us with any additional information.

However, if your account details have changed, or if you have only been eligible for Free School Meals since the 1/9/20 and haven't provided us with your bank details, then please register/re-register your details with us via the below link (website to go live 17/10/20)

All submissions/re-submissions must be completed by no later than 23/10/20.

Estyn survey for parents and learners

We are being asked by the Minister for Education to review how well schools, PRUs and the community is being supported. This survey will help share effective parctice across Wales and identify what might be done differently if there is further disruption. We are looking for the views of school staff, governors, parents/carers and learners

Collecting attendance and personal characteristics data from schools September 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and schools having to adapt to new ways of working, we need to be able to collect attendance data more frequently than once a year. Collecting up-to-date information will support us and help provide the evidence we need to understand the impact that the pandemic has had on attendance. Please download the letter from the link above for more information from Welsh Government.

Download Year 7 Admission Form 2021

Please print off the form and either return by post or leave at school reception by the 6th of November 2020.

School Day

  • 8.30am Morning Registration
  • 8.45am Lesson 1
  • 9:45am Lesson 2
  • 10.45am Morning break
  • 11:00am Lesson 3
  • 12.00pm Lesson 4
  • 13:00pm Lunch break
  • 13.45pm Lesson 5
  • 14:45pm End of school for pupils

email: | Phone: 01492 518215

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Further information about Bryn Elian can be found in our prospectus along with our extensive range of courses in our school prospectus and sixth form prospectus

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All pupils are expected to wear the school uniform correctly. By wearing the uniform a pupil is endorsing his or her pride in being a member of Ysgol Bryn Elian. More information about Bryn Elian's school uniform code can be found here

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  • large attractive campus on the edge of open fields
  • Fully equipped theatre for large scale productions
  • Each classroom equipped with interactive white board and data projector
  • Music suite with up to date technology
  • Dedicated learning support area
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