Latest Exam Information

We wish your child every success in the forthcoming summer exams and if you have any queries regarding your child's exams please do not hesitate to contact the Exams Officer.

Examinations Officer Tip - Keep your Certificates in a smart and professional folder and take them to interviews. If possible make two folders, one with your original certificates and one with your copy certificates as copies may be requested at interviews by prospective Colleges / Employers / Universities. Never give your originals away and most importantly - Be Proud of Your Achievements

Any Parent or Student that requires any further help or assistance with the above information please call Mrs J Chapman Exams Officer. Mrs chapman will be happy to help in any way she can: 01492 518215 ext. 202

Mobile phones and smart watches are not permitted in the exam room

Only clear bottles containing water are allowed in exam room (unless the pupil has a HCP which allows other fluids and food)

Only BLACK pens can be used for writing in an exam

GCSE & GCE Exam Timetable 2018/19

Timetable not available yet