The Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification

The Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification became a compulsory part of our post-16 curriculum in 2003, and is an ever - increasingly important aspect of student life. Details of the nature of the qualification are outlined below.

What Is The Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate?

The Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate – or the Advanced Welsh Bacc – is a modern qualification, which recognises almost everything that young people do at Ysgol Bryn Elian. It does not replace current qualifications, such as A levels, but adds to these by providing breadth and balance through a Core programme of activities.

The Advanced Welsh Bacc is divided into two parts:

Core Consisting of four components i.e. Key Skills, Wales, Europe and the World, Work-related Education and Personal and Social Education.

Options Courses/programmes currently offered e.g. GCSEs, VGCSEs, A/AS levels and VCE's.

Why Follow The Advanced Welsh Bacc?

The Advanced Welsh Bacc allows students to develop the six key skills which are seen as increasingly important for young people by the government, employers and higher education.

These skills are:


Application of Number


Improving Own Learning and Performance

Working with Others

Problem Solving

What Does The Advanced Welsh Bacc Involve?

The Advanced Welsh Bacc builds on the range of subjects and courses already available, so that students will be able to choose from existing AS subjects as they wish. The big difference is the Core Programme, which is designed to enable students to acquire passes in all the Key Skills as well as components such as Wales, Europe and the World, Work-related Education and Personal and Social Education. Students are guided through the Core by means of structured lessons, visits, activities, outside speakers and projects.

How Does The Core Programme Work?

There are four components:

Six Key Skills

Wales, Europe and the World – a chance to learn more about Wales and its place in Europe and the World. A language module at a level suitable for the student is included in this component

Work-related Education – which will include working with an employer, as well as a group enterprise activity at school to help the student understand how businesses work.

Personal and Social Education – allowing the student to explore vital personal questions in the modern world. The student will be required to engage in an activity in the local community or school.

What Will You Get Out Of The Advanced Welsh Bacc?

Building on the range of subjects and courses already available, this qualification will provide students with new and exciting learning opportunities, allowing them to develop key skills in a focused way, together with a range of positive experiences in the community and with employers.

Equal value is placed on academic and vocational qualifications and students will take part in practical activities that will develop a breadth of study and broader learning opportunities. In the Advanced Welsh Bacc Core, the emphasis will be on learning by doing.

Throughout the programme students will be given extensive support and guidance from a personal tutor, both at individual and group level, as appropriate to each student's need.

The Advanced Welsh Bacc is the equivalent of an A grade A2 Level qualification, and is accepted by universities as such.

What Do You Need To Get The Advanced Welsh Bacc?

There is no Advanced Welsh Bacc 'exam' as such. The learning experiences in the Core and Options will give students opportunities to acquire their Key Skills. Each student will compile portfolios of evidence showing how their Key Skills have developed. They will also undertake and Individual Investigation of an aspect of the core which interests them, and again, will give them opportunities to develop their key skills. The Investigation will be externally assessed, along with the student's personal Log Book, evidencing all experiences and achievements.