Bryn Elian Governors

Governors play an important role in the life and management of the school; and we are fortunate at Ysgol Bryn Elian to have a group of governors who are committed to taking forward the aims and objectives of the school and to help every child achieve their potential.

Governors are volunteers who give of their time and expertise in order to support the school, its staff and pupils and to promote Ysgol Bryn Elian in the local and wider community. We find it very rewarding being part of such a successful and innovative school and take huge pride in the continued success of our students.

Foundation Status

Governors respect and value their responsibilities and accountability both as individuals and corporately. The day-to-day management of the school is devolved and delegated to the Head teacher and her team of staff.

As a Foundation School the Governors:

Directly manage all mainstream admissions, as they are the Admissions Authority for the school. This means that parents and carers must apply directly to Ysgol Bryn Elian to secure a place. Please see the Admissions section of the website for more details or contact the school direct.

Hold the land and buildings of the school in trust

Are the direct employers of all staff.

Governors Meeting Dates 2016/17

September 2016

  • Full Governors Meeting, Wednesday 28th September

October 2016

  • Community & Curriculum Committee, Wednesday 19th October

November 2016

  • Finance & Resources Committee, Wednesday 16th November

December 2016

  • Full Governors, Wednesday 14th December

January 2017

  • Community & Curriculum Committee, Wednesday 25th January

February 2017

  • Finance & Resources Committee, Wednesday 15th February

March 2017

  • Full Governors, Wednesday 15th March

May 2017

  • Community & Curriculum Committee, Wednesday 2nd May

June 2017

  • Finance & Resources Committee, Wednesday 14th June

July 2017

  • Full Governors, Wednesday 12th July

Governing body membership

The instrument of government provides for a total of 21 governors to sit on the Ysgol Bryn Elian Governing Body.

Current membership for 2014 to 2015

  • Chair: Mr Phil Capper
  • Vice Chair: Cllr. BrianCossey
  • Head Teacher: Mrs Eithne Hughes
  • Clerk: Mr Brian Crossland

Parent Governors

  • Mrs Sam Parry, March 2019
  • Mrs Serena Boughen, December 2017
  • Mrs Val Smith, December 2017
  • Mr Simon Cowan, December 2015
  • Mr David Kilpatrick, December 2015
  • Vacancy

Foundation Governors

  • Mr John Roberts, April 2017
  • Mrs Cheryl Carlisle, April 2017
  • Mrs Rowena Scott, April 2017
  • Mr Phil Capper (Chair), April 2017
  • Mr John Clayton, December 2015

Staff Governor

  • Mr Kevin Hughes, December 2017

Associate Pupil Governors

  • Miss Georgia Williams, N/A
  • Mr Elliot Owen, N/A

Teacher Governors

  • Mrs Eithne Hughes (Headteacher), Ex-officio
  • Mrs Sarah Evans, September 2016
  • Mrs Janet Campion, July 2015

LEA Governors

  • Cllr. Brian Cossey (Vice Chair), N/A
  • Cllr. Bob Squire, N/A

Community Governors

  • Mrs Pat Smailes, April 2017
  • Mr John Reaney, September 2018
  • Mrs Sue Colman, December 2015

Committee Membership

Finance & Resources

  • Cllr. Brian Cossey (Chair)
  • Mr John Reaney
  • Mr Phil Capper
  • Mr John Roberts
  • Mrs Val Smith
  • Mr John Clayton
  • Mr Simon Cowan
  • Mr David Kilpatrick
  • Mrs Serena Boughen
  • Mrs Eithne Hughes
  • Mrs Janet Campion
  • Brian Crossland (Clerk)

Community & Curriculum

  • Mrs Rowena Scott (Chair)
  • Mrs Sam Parry
  • Cllr. Bob Squire
  • Mrs Sue Colman
  • Mrs Cheryl Carlisle
  • Mrs Pat Smailes
  • Mrs Eithne Hughes
  • Mr Kevin Hughes
  • Mrs Sarah Evans
  • Mrs Janet Campion
  • Head Boy
  • Head Girl