Modern Languages at Ysgol Bryn Elian

Studying Modern Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Department is made up of two team members who both teach French and German. We are a textbook free department, working solely with engaging and authentic materials. We offer both French and German up to GCSE level, and A Level can be taken via the LINC course. The staff are very committed to success for all our pupils and are happy to hold extra lessons during breaks or after school to help pupils who may be struggling, particularly in the weeks and months approaching the exams.

This year has seen the launch of Chinese Club which is currently held every Thursday after school until 4pm. All Year Groups are invited to join and enjoy a range of activities throughout the year, including practising speaking and writing in Mandarin, as well as practising the art of Chinese Calligraphy.

The Languages Faculty staff are all highly committed and want success for all our pupils and enjoy developing new techniques to help pupils learn more effectively.