English at Ysgol Bryn Elian

Studying English

Dedicated and talented teachers make up the English Department. They will gladly tell you how rewarding and exciting it is to work with students at Ysgol Bryn Elian. The English team work collaboratively to share ideas, contemporary material and dynamic teaching methods. We are passionate about our subject and enjoy making it interesting and relevant, combining challenging text, film and video.

So what is English?

The development of your literacy skills is a significant portion of the English curriculum; however, we aim to expand:

An appreciation and understanding of the English Language

A love of literature (poetry, plays, novels)

Communication skills (both speaking and listening)

Technical accuracy (spelling, grammar and punctuation)

Writing Skills (creative, formal)

Reading skills


The English Department is keen to provide a rich and engaging curriculum.

Year 7

The first year of English is exciting, enjoyable and varied. Students are taught English during three lessons a week. Pupils study a number of different units throughout the year such as Superheroes, Poetry appreciation and Narrative. Novels are enjoyed and studied alongside these units.

Year 8

This year builds on the progress made in Year 7. Students will develop and expand upon the skills they have already started to learn. Some of the units they will study are Ballads, Shakespeare and Science-fiction.

Year 9

Students will now develop and expand upon their skills in preparation for GCSE.


English is one of the most important subjects. English can broaden your outlook and introduce you to many new areas, not just in literature, but in communication and presentation. English is about creative thinking and then being able to articulate success and translate those ideas into an understandable form.

The English GCSE course begins in the summer term of Year 9. Pupils embark on two GCSEs ñ GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. We follow the WJEC Specification. The Language course is completed at the end of Year 10 and helps pupils develop their communication skills in writing and speaking and to enhance reading skills in preparation for entering further education or the world of work. The course is assessed by a final examination and several controlled assignments. We study a range of interesting units: Other cultures novel, Creative writing, poetry and Shakespeare. Pupils study English Literature in Year 11.