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TechnoCamp at YBE

blogEntryTopperYear 8 pupils in Bryn Elian were treated to an exciting computer programming experience this week, through a Welsh Government funded programme. Technocamps is an outreach programme designed to reinvigorate the computer science curriculum in schools across Wales. Bryn Elianís computer department is at the forefront of developments in programming, having run many successful community projects for local children and their parents through their Tech Dojo initiative.

The day-long workshops offered a range of computing-related topics making use of a variety of programming languages such as Scratch, Python, Greenfoot or Alice and, tools such as Lego Mindstorms.

Phd student Illtyd Jones from Bangor University led the workshop and commented that; "The students were great, they came up with innovative and effective robots in very little time and had lots of fun in the process building and coding them."

Emma Foster from Year 8 said; "I like the fact we are actually building something that we will control"

Jessica Carpenter added that; "I like this activity because building the robots is quite challenging."